16 October 2008

秋冬最热 Hot items in this seasons



如果美眉要看起来时尚, 就可以搭配宽版腰带。
成为走在时尚尖端的美人 。


如果要去晚宴美眉可以穿上洋装再配件时尚首饰,把头发盘起来配上你高贵的高跟鞋就会很高贵了 。


One of the hot items in this season is dress.

Dresses are becoming more and more popular due to the convenience and how easy it could be to match with other accessories to project a different look and style.

It is vey easy to look trendy in dresses. Match it with a thick belt, and you can wear it either to work or to any formal functions. You will be catching the eyes of everybody!

To wear it to a party, match it with leggings and stilettos or high heels.

To wear it to a dinner, match it with sound accessories, tie your hair up and don’t forget also your stilettos or high heels.

For a casual look, wear your favorite dress with a simple, long necklace; a bracelet plus a pair of low heel or the trendy ‘doll shoes’. You are now ready to go for relax and warm tea time with your buddies.

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